This document functions as a contract between you, the Client and us, Harriet Walker Nutrition. When attending events, purchasing services or soliciting advice Harriet Walker Nutrition, you acknowledge that you have fully read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions. Please seek clarification on any content that is not fully understood.


Purchases of nutrition consultation or coaching services from Harriet Walker Nutrition can be made by direct debit via invoice or cash. In the event that there is a problem with a client’s Payment and the dietitian cannot receive funds, the Harriet Walker Nutrition shall provide notice to the client. The client agrees to make payment to the business within five days in other immediately available funds. 


A single consultation may be had when a client is wanting to check in to make sure their nutrition intake is on track, and for basic feedback on their current nutrition intake, which lasts for 60 minutes. A consultation summary will be provided at the end of the consultation, along with any supplementary information to inform the recommendation. A basic meal plan template may be provided where appropriate at an extra cost to the client. Reviews can be booked in where accountabiliity and furtehr education is needed as a 'pay-as-you-go' system and last 30 minutes. 

For weight loss, or sports performance coaching, a longer period of commitment is required, in order to be able to achieve the desired results. A minimum of consecutive 2 months is required to deliver all relevant nutrition education, diet plan adjustments 

Change and results take time. If a client is not willing to make this minimum commitment, it is not recommend that they begin work with Harriet Walker Nutrition. 


Consultation packages and coaching programs are offered at a discount rate for paying for the services upfront. They require a commitment on the part of the client that he/she will follow through with the given services in the package or plan.

Refunds will not be issued on payment for any complete consultation services package or coaching program if the initial consultation or coaching session is not scheduled by the client within three months after purchase by the client.

In addition, no refunds will be issued on unused consultations in any consultation services package or unused coaching sessions in any coaching program after the initial consultation or coaching session is completed. 


It is the responsibility of the client to contact the dietitian to schedule the initial consultation and to schedule follow-up consultations within the allotted time that the package is good for. Failure to schedule follow-ups in the allotted time will result in losing those services unless requested in writing from the client under special circumstances and confirmed in writing from the dietitian.

The client agrees to have the consultation with the dietitian by phone, online or in person at the agreed-upon time. Failure of the client to phone or show up for the scheduled consultation will result in loss of the service for which he/she has paid unless the client phones or emails the dietitian to cancel the appointment at least eight hours before the scheduled consultation. (This condition may be waived in special circumstances or unexpected emergency situations. However, waiving this condition and agreeing to reschedule the consultation is left entirely to the discretion of the dietitian.)

Clients who purchase coaching programs are required to follow the schedule of the services and check-ins outlined for the particular coaching program (on week 1, 2, 3, and so forth) unless prior arrangements have been made and written confirmation from the counselor received to modify the format of the coaching program. Clients who don’t schedule sessions and check in regularly with the dietitian in the appointed time periods, or who miss scheduled appointments, will lose the right to the session for that week – a session they paid for in the program price. It is the responsibility of the client to schedule coaching sessions in the time period indicated in the outline of the coaching program.

All dietary recommendations are made based on information given at the time of consultation and should not be shared with any other individual either in hard copy or verbally as they specific to the client, will unlikely meet the needs of another person. 



It is understood that the client is paying the counselor for nutritional advice and opinion based on nutrition studies in the scientific literature, clinical experience, and experience putting nutritional strategies into practice in everyday life. The information the dietitian provides does not constitute medical advice and cannot replace medical advice. It is limited to nutritional matters.

The client agrees to weigh and balance the information provided by the counselor with information provided by the client’s physician. Medical tests, diagnosing conditions, and prescribing or changing the dosages of pharmaceutical drugs are not performed by the counselor and should be performed by the client’s own personal physician. The dietitian disclaims any and all liability arising directly or indirectly from the use or application of the information provided in nutrition counseling or coaching services.

By engaging in the services provided by the dietitian, the client acknowledges and agrees to assume the risk of the non-medical nature and limitations of the nutrition counseling and coaching sessions and of the application of the information provided. Every effort is made to improve the client’s health, but the client understands that no warranty or guarantee has been made to him or her concerning any particular result or cure of his or her condition(s).

Privacy Policy
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