Harriet is an Accredited Sports Dietitian and Accredited Practicing Dietitian, registered with the Sports Dietitians Association of Australia and the Dietitians Association of Australia. 

From one-on-one dietary consultations and assessments, figure/fitness model competition prep, body composition manipulation for sport, healthy-lifestyle packages and health coaching, to one-off diet analysis, seminars and small group sessions, there is a service which will help you move towards optimal health.

Harriet works as a private practitioner and sees clients across Australia online Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week via Skype, email or phone. Her hours are from 7am-6pm- so there is flexibility around your lifestyle! 

As a university trained dietitian with a master's degree in nutrition and dietetics, Harriet is qualified to work with athletes in preparation for endurance and power sports, making weight or everyday fueling. She also works with a limited range of clinical conditions including PCOS, obesity and heart disease along with general healthy eating. 

Harriet has a strong belief in working with her clients, not on them, and aims to guide them through their individual barriers to good health and a balanced diet. Weight loss should not be the goal unless for sport specific purposes.

For general healthy eating and lifestyle change, weight loss will not be the focus.

You will be provided with the knowledge and tools to make change, and will learn how to eat intuitively and re-frame your attitude to food away from restriction and deficit language ('toxic', 'bad', 'cheat', 'clean') towards positive and enjoyably healthy eating. 

If there is a particular topic you would like to have covered in a seminar or small group, anywhere within the scope of health and fitness, Harriet is happy to work with your needs and come up with a service to suit you.


Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking in. These are important so that we are on the same page before we get start! 

Service Pricing Structure


One off consultation

$120 | $180 for couples

Private health rebates available

You think you are on the right track, but want to make sure you are doing the right thing by your body. This service is a chance to ask any questions that might be on you mind, receive advice on area’s you need to improve on, and a nutrition education session based on your needs.

What you get:

·         1 hour consultation including full review of current health status

·         Consultation summary

·         General guidelines on improving your diet

**Additional follow up appointments are available- 30 minutes ($85)

***Purchase 3 follow up appointments for $200 upfront payment


One off consultation plus tailored meal plan

$249 | $399 for couples

Private Health rebates available

You need a bit of extra help with planning, but are not ready to jump into a lifestyle change completely. From this service you will get enough tailored information to get off the ground, plus the chance to check in a few times via phone or email to tweak any problems.

What you get:

·         1 hour consultation including full review of current health status

·         Consultation summary

·         Meal plan plus e-book guidelines on improving your diet

·         Unlimited email check ins for 2 months after the consultation

Add extra face-to-face check-ins for $85 each (30 minutes), or 3 for $200 paid upfront


Athlete/Nutrition Coaching

$109 per fortnight (direct debit or invoice) 

This package is a complete service with a minimum 2 month minimum commitment required. If you have a big goal in mind, you will need more help, and this is what you need. From this service you will get a fully tailored plan, weekly check-ins via your client profile software, body composition monitoring and unlimited coaching to make sure you get to where you need to go. This service requires your full commitment and is here for athletes needing to make weight, body building competitors* or anyone who needs to lose more than 5kg**.

·         Online client profile for contact and plan updates

·         1 hour consultation including full review of current health status

·         Consultation summary

·         Tailored meal plan plus e-book on improving your diet

·         Body composition tracking

·         1 face-to-face review within the 2 month period, and every month after.

4 fortnight minimum, via direct debit

*Body building and figure competitors minimum 16 weeks prep plus check in 2 weeks post comp support with 1 month deposit on signing up. Skin folds or current body fat % will be use to estimate prep lead time at time of initial consultation

**For weight loss of >5kg or for more specific sporting preparation (Iron Man/Weight Classes sports) time frame will be discussed and planned out in the initial consultation.

Group / public speaking

Group nutrition

$175 (max 5 people)

Keep your costs down and get some friends together for a group nutrition Q & A and goal setting session! 

Health and Nutrition Seminars & work shops

Prices start from $350

Seminars and workshops are a great investment for small groups or larger organisations and gyms. Get in contact for topics and prices. Seminars can be tailored to your needs!

Previous speaking engagements include:


  • Liver Kids Australia Annual Conference
  • Australian Hair and Beauty Expo, Sydney

Gyms and Fitness Facilities:


  • Canberra Hospital
  • Sapphire Coast and Snowy Mountains Physiotherapy


Personal Training & Group Fitness

Personal Training

$80/45 minutes*

This service is not currently available (please email for programming services). 

So where to start? Well, wherever you are in your health journey help is only a click away!

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