Corporate Services

Workplace Seminars

Harriet has worked with a number of high profile workplaces in Canberra and Sydney speaking to staff on the importance of health and nutrition for performance at work. 

Motivate your staff, and build a culture of health and productivity. 

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Content Development 

Harriet is experienced in developing content for online publications, corporate newsletters and websites, as well completing project work such as recipe development for gym and food service businesses and 12 weeks challenge content compilations. 

Nutrition and fitness is a hot topic, and Harriet is able to work with your brand to bring in clients with interesting and engaging content.

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Health communications

As an academic, Harriet excels at explaining complex terms and deciphering scientific publications and distilling the information into common terms for the general population. Harriet works in health promotion and communications and can help find the right way to communicate with your target audience.