Low Carb?

It's spring and you can smell the beach body panic in the air. Cue the influx of quick fixes and weird cookie diets (yes- that's a thing. No- don't give it a go). The one which gets me the most is 'low carb' diets.... What does that even mean? 50g a day? 100g a day? Is it a generic number or a % of your total daily energy intake? The problem with the term is it's as specific as probz/whatevs/kinda/maybe/sorta. Yes, there are therapeutic dietary protocols which are used to assist people with specific conditions which are low carb, but does the all too common 'I did this, I got abs therefore you should' diet advocate understand these nuances? Probz not.

Scratch beneath the surface (ie beyond the first 12 months of low carbing) and you will hear about a whole other set of issues associated with chronic low carb dieting including sleep and mood deregulation, fatigue, and adrenal insufficiency. And there is research which supports this. Carbohydrates have a role in our body, trying to deny that is nothing short of silly. If you do any kind of regular exercise, low carb is not advised. And I can say from experience, that trying to make any kind of rational decision or applying critical thought whilst carb depleted invariably ends in tears and confusion. Afterall,  Ab's aren't sexy if you can't crawl out of bed to show them.

Granted, we see some impressive results from short term restriction of carbs, but it's also hard to differentiate the calorie restriction likely to have also been involved from the carb cutting.

So where do we land if carb restriction isn't the long term healthy option? Well, it's not an invitation to down donuts and loaves of bread. Whole foods, home prepped where possible, healthy fats and lean protein sources all from a variety of sources is a simple place to start. Nail that and you can start to get more specific with calculations for your specific needs.

And if you want the bod, you have to train for it #sorrynotsorry. Ab's are made in the kitchen and there are plenty of good quality carb sources in mine to suit my health and training goals. Moderation, variety, consistency. Do it.

Harriet WalkerComment