When food controls you, lose the rules....

Lose the food rules and get control!

Food is pretty much my job, but a big part of that is figuring out how to decentralise food for people so it's not a cause of angst- which for many people it is!

Often people struggle with managing a healthy consistent diet. Usually it's all or nothing, and when it's all, it's bound up in all sorts of rules- sometimes counter-productive ones! The rules can give a sense of control but when food is a fixation you are setting yourself up to potentially fail at it. If you can fail at food, you lose confidence in yourself and your ability to have a healthy diet.

The minute you set rules and ban food is the same moment they become 100 times more attractive(fact) and it's on your mind 24/7. Then if you break these rules, it's straight to the 'stuff it' mind set, it's done, and you are back to the old eating habits which got you into trouble in the first place. It's a cycle. How do you break it? Lose the rules. Make goals around health, fitness feeling good and well being, rather than ones around self hate and restriction.

When you have clear positive objectives, with time and practice, you can move away from food rules and towards food being a adjunct to your day and not the centre of being!

Harriet WalkerComment