Binge Drinking: there is an elephant in the room...

Today I overheard 2 young women in the supermarket discussing the various virtues of the different alcohol they were deciding on. After some debate they decided on Passion pop because it’s cheaper and makes them more fun faster...

I'll pop a caveat in here and say I am not a teetotaller. I enjoy alcohol as much as the next person and there is nothing more fun than a night out with friends wearing a hole in the dance floor. This being said, I can, in most cases get home without the pizza fix and am running on at least 70% the next day, sleep providing. 

Its not the alcohol, it's the why. Drinking for enjoyment with good friends and talking smack- that's fun. You are there because you enjoy their company, you get dressed up because that's what you want to wear, not because it's what you think you should wear. 

Drinking because you need to feel fun or attractive or because you are upset....well there is an underlying problem here which is what I think needs to be discussed. More young women are being diagnosed with liver disease than ever before and engaging in binge drinking on a regular basis. 

If you feel you need to drink to be more likeable or more fun, then the people you are hanging out with are probably not you true friends. Sure alcohol is a social lubricant, with one or two drinks helping to curb anxiety. But surely, if you consider yourself not to be fun without it, then you need to be looking inwards a little more and take a look at how you see yourself- if you don't like what you see, then there is a lot you can do to fix it, but drinking isn't the answer. 

Alcohol is a DEPRESSANT, if makes you FAT and dulls your creative brain making you BORING. if your feeling sh*t about life, and feel any of these things, or even all of them, well it just doesn't make sense to partake in the activity which is driving the feelings in the first place is it!

I have spoken with a lot of clients about their drinking and have pointed out that if they cut back, they didn't actually have too much to work on to lose weight. But yet it remains the biggest point to get people to move on! They say it will ruin their social life! Like I said before, if you need to get blind to have a good night, I would debate that that is any kind of social life at all!! 

The answer.... I may not have the  right one, or the best one, but the one I will suggest is a recipe: Hang around people who like you for you, regardless of circumstances, exercise to help you feel fit strong and energetic, feed your body well-don't starve it, and tell yourself kinds things, no insult yourself. There is a fine line between tooting your own horn out  loud and just giving yourself a mental high 5- which is just fine! Do things you are good at and like doing- build up your confidence and try new things. 

These are just some suggestions, things that I do on a regular basis- because lord knows I have days when it would be easier to get drunk and forget about the woes of the world. They may sound like a load of crap, but its my way to trying to encourage self care because I would really love to never have to hear another young person say they have to get drunk to be fun- that would really make my day!

Harriet WalkerComment