Reactive Oxidative Species (No not ROUS)

We are told to eat fruit and veg and that food can be our medicine, but what are the actual benefits? Reactive Oxidative Species (ROS) are made in our body everyday as a result of energy production, and at normal levels our bodies have got these punks under wraps.

Fruits and vegetables are full of naturally occurring antioxidants, eat them regularly and we should be pretty sweet.

Usually the pigments that give them their colour plus vitamins like Vitamin C and E are what help round up the ROS’s. Fresh food provides us with heaps of other good bits which all work together to keep us healthy and on an even keel. These days we are exposed to lots of environmental irritants which make our immune system work overtime and can increase the amount of these ROS’s in our body.

Things like stress, pollution, alcohol, smoke, and other foreign particles (I’m going to speculate a bit here and say processed food has a big effect too) trigger cell damage. Couple this with a diet that is low in fresh food and high in low nutrient dense foods (food that is high calorie, low vit & mineral), and we are setting the stage for ROS’s to be causing damage to our cells, initiating disease and premature aging. A balanced diet now will help in keeping this damage to a minimum over our life. It may seem like a bit of a commitment but when I am still cartwheeling at 70 I am pretty sure everyone else will be jealous.


Harriet WalkerComment