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Harriet Walker is an Accredited Dietitian and Sports Dietitian who will listen to your specific needs and tailor a plan that puts you in the driving seat

Having worked personally with over 250 clients, Harriet has the experience to drill down and find out what you need to succeed. 

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Services & Pricing

I offer pay-as-you-go nutrition consultations or nutrition coaching for larger or sports specific goals. 


For simple adjustments and small goals. Harriet will set you up with the tools you need and you touch base as you need to.

  • Initial consultation $130
  • Meal plans: Basic $130(initial consultation required for meal plan)
  • Athlete race  nutrition planning available
  • $90 per review
All nutrition services are eligible for claim via private health if you have cover. 

Nutrition Coaching 

For bigger goals, sports specific nutrition plans and unlimited contact. For extra accountability, coaching requires a minimum  8 week commitment. This is perfect for clients with big goals, athletes making weight, leading into a comp or changing body composition. 

  • Initial consultation $50, then
  • $109 per fortnight- Basic 
  • $159 per fortnight- Professional

All consultations are conducted online. Once you book online, you will receive a link to a Zoom virtual meeting room 1 hour prior to your booking. Please allow 1-2 minutes to download the Zoom software if you have not used it before. 


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